Kurth O'Connor

kurth o'connor

Hi, I'm Kurth, a software engineer based in New York City.

Most recently, I built Crato, an open source framework for small applications to easily deploy centralized logging.

I have significant experience in both Ruby and JavaScript ecosystems, SQL, NoSQL, data streaming and pipelines. I am also an accomplished researcher and educator.


  • Crato
  • Crato is a framework to allow developers to quickly and easily deploy a centralized logging infrastructure. Using Crato, each machine sends its logs to a central collection server, where developers can gain insight into their entire system by analyzing the consolidated logs across the entire deployed fleet of systems and applications. Besides log data consolidation and analysis (via InfluxDB), Crato also provides smart compression and archiving (via Amazon S3 and S3 Glacier). Crato makes configuring, deploying, and maintaining all these pieces easy and fast. Read the case study.

Other Projects

Airline Tracker

  • Airline Tracker
  • A React application to view and filter airline routes. Filter by airline or airport. Bootstrapped with Create React App.


  • Mello
  • Project management application. Built with Ruby on Rails, Webpacker, React and SQL.

Do It

  • Do It
  • A responsive web application to manage todos. Do It is built with a Sinatra backend and a JavaScript and Handlebars.js frontend.